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About Us

Tree Beavers has over a decade's worth of experience in the tree removal industry, and defines success by achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. All projects are owner supervised, and executed by a team of highly trained, skilled, hard working employees. Call today for your free assessment!

Our robust equipment inventory enables us to execute a wide spectrum of projects. From hazardous and technical removals to excavation and land clearing, Tree Beavers is equipped for the job. The following list provides an introduction to our equipment inventory, and describes the specialized value and function of each tool:

Timbco Forestry Harvester

This machine enables us to execute large, land clearing style projects. Capable of cutting, de-limbing, and stacking trees up to 24" in diameter, this harvester makes quick work of multi-acre properties requiring high volume tree removal. With nearly a 25' cutting radius, this unit requires minimal movement, equating to less ground disturbance.

Barko Forestry Mulcher

Occasionally referred to as a masticator, this amazing machine enables us to completely clear multiple acres of trees in a single day. This tool alone can cut, mulch, and stump grind whole trees in a matter seconds, and is far more nimble than one would expect from a machine this size. If you are in need of multi-acre land clearing, stump grinding, or general property clean-up, then contact us today to learn how affordable mulching can be.

ASV Forestry Mulcher

Much like the aforementioned Barko, the ASV is a very efficient mulching tool. It's compact size makes it great for small tree removals, dog hair clean-up, and general wildfire mitigation thinning. We also use it in tandem with the larger mulcher to clean-up any remaining woody material not processed in the first mulching phase.

Bandit 1890 - Whole Tree Chipper

This chipper is used in project with large or whole tree chipping requirements. With an intake capacity of 19", there are very few trees this monster cannot swallow whole. It also comes equipped with a 10,000 lb hydraulic winch, capable of pulling entire trees into the feed wheels.

Bandit 200 XP

With an intake capacity of 12", this model is used more frequently in our residential projects where space and access is limited. It is still capable of processing the vast majority of trees we encounter, and offers a great secondary unit when big brother is already working.

Skidsteers w/ Forestry Attachments

We have multiple skidsteers equipped with Hydraulic Grapples, Cutting Shears, and Mulching Heads. We also offer light excavation work for driveways, small foundation leveling, and stump burial. These relatively light weight, durable machines are in constant use, and can be rented hourly to meet your specific project needs.

Dump Trailers

We have a variety of trailers to transport slash, woodchips, and equipment. Our hydraulic powered dump trailers save time and money, and significantly reduce manual unloading difficulties.

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